POC Training & Development



M Y     M I S S I O N

Is to focus on not only the complete development of the athlete, but also the betterment of the individual overall in all aspects. My former years of collegiate sports reigned at a high D1 level which gave me the opportunity to play alongside various professional athletes either currently playing and/or retired.  Through my years as a student-athlete, becoming a technician of my craft helped me excel above & beyond measure. My form, technique, IQ and gameplay had to be more polished than most because of my size, but helped me for the better in the long haul. These important years of experience plus, have given me the insight on what tools need to be used and when, how to access and sharpen them. My experience on and off the field as a top high-school athlete, former U.S. All-American participator, Nike Camp RB MVP , and participation at a top-national ranked program in the country has provided me with critical knowledge for the eager & hungry athlete. 

My services along will provide much more than just physical training, but also providing a mecca where young raw-talented individuals to exercise their wildest dreams! With programs including as entrepreneurship, mentorship, commUnity hero's and much more, POC is creating #TheMovement. If you are one of the few looking to stand out amongst the rest, Join NOW to become a part of the action and excel at the top-bracket in your lane. 


Founder & Owner @ POCA, LLC. & POCT&D, Asan Neil-Evergin


Training & Development Services

  • Speed & Agility (T)
  • Strength & Conditioning (T)
  • 1 v 1 - 7 v 7 Competition (T)
  • Football 101 & Film Study (T)
  • Gameplay Facilitation (T)
  • Social Media and the Student-Athlete (D)
  • Self-Marketing & Exposure (D)
  • University Outreach (D)
  • Shredding / Leaning / Bulking / Maintaining (T)
  • Personal Diet Plan (T&D)
  • Daily Focuses (Strengths v. Weaknesses) (T&D)
  • Technique Training (T)


Sport(s) Specific Training

  • Football 
  • Soccer
  • Track & Field
  • Rugby
  • < Basketball | Wrestling | Swimming | Lacrosse | Boxing > TBD



    Speed & Agility (T) + Strength & Conditioning (T)

    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Track
    • Rugby
    • Basketball
    • Tennis
    • Lacrosse
    • Parkour
    • Personal Fitness


    *Specials Included*

    • Exclusive deals/specials on POCA merchandise
    • Social-Media Exposure
    • Community Service Opportunity


    P R I C I N G



      • First 2 sessions are FREE of charge! ( If you were to schedule 3 2/hr sessions, you will only owe for 1/hr on your 3rd scheduled session.) I want all parent(s)/athlete(s) to obtain a brief feel of our session(s) and lesson(s) in the beginning stages. This simply gives you as the parent and/or athlete a chance to observe your liking of the information and training before progressing any further. After your last free session, you will no longer be free of charge for your sessions and will be charged at an hourly flat rate.


      • Hourly Rate



        • $69.99/1.5hr (Quick/Standard Session)

        • $129.99/2.5hr (Ameture Session)

        • $199.99/3.5-4hr (Pro Session)


      • Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly / Yearly 


        •  $205.00/wk. OR $350.00/ bi-wk. | 10/hrs per wk.
        •  $450.00/mo. 40/hrs per mo.
        • ONLY $89.99/mo for 1 YEAR when you SIGN UP for POC Membership! All membership members will receive special discounts & offers including limited POCA apparel and MORE! Members who invite a friend(s) to sign-up and enroll in the program will receive a FREE FULL MONTH of training to their liking. Membership payment will require 1/2 or more of payment before officially enrolling in program.


      • Monthly Bundle(s):O F F – S E A S O N ( Dec./Jan. - July/Aug.)
        • Off-Season Beginner Bundle @ 2-3 sessions weekly $499.99


        • Off-Season Ameture Bundle @ 3-4 sessions weekly $649.99


        • Off-Season Pro Bundle @ 4-5 sessions weekly $699.99

      • Workout Plan Pricing
        • 1 Month Utility Workout Plan @ $59.99 (BASE FEE)


        • 3-6 Month Progression Workout Plan @ $114.99 - $249.99 (BASE FEE)


        • 12 Month Workout Plan @ $399.99 (BASE FEE)

    • A D D - O N ' S W/ WORKOUT PLAN
        •  Diet Plan(s) (+19.99 )


        • Indoor/Outdoor Training Plan(s) (+39.99)


        • Yoga/Stretch Cool-Down Plan(s) (+4.99)


        • Alternate Workout(s) w/ Body/Lightweight (+39.99)


        • 1 on 1 Coaching (+24.99/hr)